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Iron Fitting-
(Fee is Waived with purchase of New Irons)

Get properly fitted to your irons and maximize the advantages of modern day equipment. We will review your Grip, Alignment, Stance and Posture helping you find optimal setup to the ball so you can get the most out of your irons.  Choose the right shaft and head combination using our certified club-fitting systems. Custom fitted irons with the right grip-size, lie, loft, shaft flex and club-length will get you closer to the pin and lower scores.  Ernest Launch Monitor session Included.

Driver & Fairway Wood Fittings- $75
(Fee is Waived with purchase of New Irons)

Using Video Swing Analysis software and Launch Monitor data we can show you the best club/shaft combinations tailored to your swing.  Proper weighting and manufacture-choice will increase your club-head speed.  Custom fitting the Loft, Lie, Length, Shaft Flex will make you a better driver of the golf ball and a more accurate fairway wood player. Ernest Launch Monitor session Included.

Wedge Fitting- $50 
(Fee is Waived with purchase of New Wedge)

Good feel around the greens is key to keeping your average score lower. We will evaluate your wedge-make up to determine the best loft, lie, and bounce combinations for your game.  Choosing the right manufacture and club-head materials will give you better feel- control of spin. Getting up & Down with your wedges will give you better opportunities at par.

Putter Fitting- $50 
(Fee is Waived with purchase of New Putter)

Choosing the best putter for your stroke is #number ONE. We will help you get comfortable with a putter that fits your eye. Most often the proper length and lie of a putter result in the ball not rolling -true. Matching your stoke to the right putter will help you roll the ball better and make more putts. 

Custom Wedge Grind or Refinishing-  $50 

Loft & Lie Adjustments -  Per Club $5